Using GitHub Pages now… So this post is obsolete. :-)

I never had the need for my own “blog”, because all the things I wanted to share workwise was Azure Stack Hub related. Thanks to Mark Scholman for letting me be a part of ;-)

But sometimes things happen and you need to adjust. My work with Azure Stack Hub came slowly to a halt and I also noticed that my interest went more towards software (and Azure) architecture in general. So I probably need a new blog to put my stuff that’s not Azure Stack Hub related.

Last year we did an Azure Meetup online with Chris Reddington about Azure Static Web Apps. This gave me the inspiration to try something different instead of a standard Wordpress site. I gave Hugo a try, together with Azure Static Web Apps and Github. Still learning, because I’m an IT Pro by heart, not a developer. But I like it, great way to hobby my way forward like I’m 16 years old again!

If I got something to share I will try do this here from now on.

All the best,